Dealer panel

The IPTVdealer panel is a web-based software program to manage IPTV customers connecting to live TV streams (channel packs) and recorded streams (Catch-up) via an internet connection.


The dealer panel allows the dealer to do the following:

  1. Create a customer account, identified by username or nickname.
  2. Create a subscription and link it to a MAG250/254 and any mobile device.
  3. Set the amount of time that the subscription will be active and if needed set a start date in the future.
  4. Stop current subscriptions and re-start later or cancel for a refund of the unused credits.
  5. Choose the channels that the customer will have access to.
  6. Activate channels per day or per month, flexible and easy.
  7. Monitor the number of active customers and get a warning of subscriptions that are about to expire.
  8. Renew or change existing subscriptions or ownership of subscription.
  9. Monitor the credits in your dealer account; allocate credits to customers or sub-dealers.
  10. Create sub-dealers anywhere in the world.

Multi-platform streaming solutions

Give your customers the experience they deserve, let them watch their favourite television programs on a MAG250/254 and all sorts of mobile devices, iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and so on.

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